Class of '1978 Ready to Celebrate 40 Years.

40 Year Class Reunion!


Flashes '78 ready to Celebrate!

In 1978, the first test tube baby was born. In 1978, the Susan B. Anthony Dollar was minted? 1978 was also the year that Fillmore High produced a great group of Seniors, as they began their journey in life marching through the Shasta Daisy arches at graduation. It's been 40 years since that day, and they are ready to celebrate their 40 year class reunion at the 2018 FHS Alumni Dinner/Dance on June 9th. The Alumni Association will have a special area just for their class to have their reunion at the Dinner. By having their reunion there, they will not only be able to see each other, but they will also be able to reunite with Alumni Friends from other classes. We hope many alumni can make it to this years 105th Alumni Dinner / Dance. If you remember, last year it was sold out, so get your reservations in early. It's the Event of the year in Fillmore, and the great class of '1978 will not be left behind. it's their 40 year class reunion. WooHoo!! Calling all Alumni to the 105th Alumni Dinner. Reservations available online now at (Click on Events). 

Milton Hill, and Brett Dempsey

Milton Hill, and Brett Dempsey

Can't forget Graduation Practice.

Can't forget Graduation Practice.